Troilus and Cressida 4.5

This is a weird scene in which all the Greek lords kiss Cressida except Menelaus

Menelaus. I had good argument for kissing once.

He misses his Helen. Instead of sypathy he gets scorn and insults.

Ulysses. O deadly gall, and theme of all our scorns!
For which we lose our heads to gild his horns.

Remeber, They are at war because the Paris “stole” Helen from him and yet he is called Cuckold throughout the play by his own side. Horns are also a symbol for Cuckoldness used throughout Shakespeare’s plays

Menelaus pleads for a kiss from Cressida, but even she refuses and scorns him, calling him “odd” and throws Paris’ name in his face.



Troilus and and Cressida 3.2

At last, we get a scene with both the Title characters in.

A love scene after all this dramatic posturing by the soldiers. The poetry is in sharp contrast to all the proceeding scenes!


A scene a day – Troilus and Cressida 1.2

Act one Scene Two

In which we meet Cressida and Pandarus introduces us to the cast.
This is such a long scene and nothing happens except Cressida and Alexander talk about Hector and Cressida and Pandarus talk about Troilus, and then we have a parade of the Cast list


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