Troilus and Cressida 2.2

Act Two, Scene Two

These Tojans don’t half like giving long speeches! Another long scene of them arguing about rescueing Helen or if it’s a waste of money and men. Briefly interrupted by the mad sister Cassandra.
Hector thinks thay should give up and retreat but the others think it’s matter of pride now and will keep fighting for her



Troilus & Cressida 2.1

Act Two Scene One

some good comedy and wonderful insults traded by Ajax and Thersites. This probably comes as a relief to an audience after the fairly dry opening scenes in Act one

“…beef-witted lord!”
“Thou stool for a witch!”
“Thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbow”
“thou thing of no bowels!

Troilus and Cressida 1.3 (a scene a day)

Act one Scene Three

A very long scene in which we meet the Greeks and they give big speeches

I’ll concentrate on certain characters as I read the plays, starting with minor characters and work my way up.

Menelaus – The brother to Agamemnon and Husband of Helen, who is the cause of the Trojan war. Here he is given 2 words and if you didn’t know would think he was a servant.


A scene a day – Troilus and Cressida 1.2

Act one Scene Two

In which we meet Cressida and Pandarus introduces us to the cast.
This is such a long scene and nothing happens except Cressida and Alexander talk about Hector and Cressida and Pandarus talk about Troilus, and then we have a parade of the Cast list


A Scene a day – Troilus & Cressida – Prologue

I have only read this play once before although I have seen a production of it, it was by drama students and a really poor production. The cast all changed roles in the interval which made the whole play incomprehensible.

The Prologue!

This play starts with a prologue who tells us where we are (Troy) and in the middle of the Trojan Wars. We are not starting at the beginning of these wars but in middle. The Prologue also says

To what may be digested in a play.
Like or find fault; do as your pleasures are:
Now good or bad, ’tis but the chance of war

Shakespeare uses that a lot. Like it or not, it is what it is.


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“A Scene a Day”

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